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Adularia (Orthoclase)

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Census Detail

New South Wales

Benowa prospect (Anomaly 3), Mount Drysdale, Robinson Co.

Ferguson lode, Torrington district, Gough Co.

Madmans Gully (Madman vein), Silent Grove, Clive Co.

Yankee Doodle Mine, Copeton Dam, Mayo, Hardinge Co.

New Zealand

Various Localities

South Australia

Torrens Gorge Mine), Torrens Gorge, South Mt Lofty Ranges (Adelaide Hills), Mt Lofty Ranges


Cygnet, Martins Point

Cygnet, Mt Mary mine

Savage River Mine, Corinna-Savage River district


Beechworth, Reids Creek, near


Western Australia

Billeranga Hills, ~ 225 miles N of Perth, and ~ 30 miles E of Mingenew