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Anglesite, Block 14 Open Cut, Broken Hill, New South Wales Anglesite, Broken Hill, New South Wales Anglesite, Magnet Mine, Waratah, Tasmania Anglesite, Neptune Mine, Penguin, Tasmania Anglesite, Silver Princess Mine, Zeehan, Tasmania


Census Detail

Australian Capital Territory

Paddy's River mine

New South Wales

Broken Hill district, Thackeringa, Pioneer mine

Broken Hill, ABH Consols mine

Broken Hill, Blackwood open cut

Broken Hill, Block 11 mine

Broken Hill, Block 14 mine

Broken Hill, Block 14 open cut

Broken Hill, Block 14 opencut (via dump at the Pinnacles mine)

Broken Hill, Block14/Kintore opencut (from dumps at Pinnacles mine)

Broken Hill, Block14/Kintore opencut

Broken Hill, Central mine

Broken Hill, Kintore open cut

Broken Hill, MMM Ltd. Mine

Broken Hill, Proprietary mine

Broken Hill, South mine leases

Broken Hill, South mine

Broken Hill

Crookwell, Cordillera mine, near

Leadville Mining Field, Mount Stewart mine

Mineral Hill Field, Eastern Pit, N of Condolbolin

Mineral Hill Field, N of Condolbolin

Tuena district, old mine (may be Cordillera mine)

New Zealand


Tui Mine, Te Aroha

Northern Territory

Rum Jungle, Browns Prospect


Mount Isa mines, Black Star opencut

Mount Isa mines

South Australia

Avondale mine

Billy Springs mine, Flinders Ranges

Ediacara mineral field

Glen Osmond

Iron Monarch mine

Mount Malvern silver lead mine, near Clarendon


Comet - Maestries mine

Dundas Mineral Field

Dundas, Comet mine

Magnet mine, 7 km W of Waratah

Zeehan - Dundas area


Dargo High Plains

Landsborough, Glen Dhu Reef

Lilydale, Cave Hill quarry

Mt. Wills gold and silver field, United Brothers mine

St. Arnaud, Lord Nelson mine

St. Arnaud, Wilson's Reef

St. Arnaud

Western Australia

Ashburton Downs Station area

Ashburton Downs Station, Anticline deposit (MC 84)

Coppin Pool, 1 km W of, 41 km ESE of Mt. Tom Price

Gorge Creek, Colvins lead show, 12 miles SE of Mt.Dawson (Mt. Mortimer)

PA 150, 3.5 miles SE of Mt. Amy, ~ 80 miles NW of Mt. Dawson

Whim Creek (Whim Well) copper mine

Wyloo Station, near the Log Hut, 30 miles ESE of Mt. McGrath