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Apophyllite is the term used when the specific species has not been identified.


Census Detail

New South Wales

Ardglen, Public Transport quarry, ~ 4 km N of Murrundi

Broken Hill, NBHC mine, 19 level

Broken Hill, NBHC mine, 29 level

Broken Hill, NBHC mine

Broken Hill, North mine, 29 level

Broken Hill, North mine

Broken Hill, ZC mine, 17 level

Broken Hill, ZC mine

Broken Hill

Prospect quarry, 29 km E of Sydney

New Zealand

Holyoake Valley

Opouteke-Pakotai Area

Pahau River

Riwaka Valley


between Lietinna and Scottsdale

Cape Grim

East Tamar

Gad's Hill, Mersey, Forth divide

Liawanee, near Great Lake

Marrawah quarry

Marrawah-Redpa area

New Holland (possibly Tasmania)

quarry, 3 km. S.W. of Redpa

Redpa, near


Upper Mersey, ForthValley

West Ridgley area, ~ 20 km inland from Burnie


Harcourt granodiorite

West Gippsland, recently opened quarry (1981)