Photographing Minerals

Digital camera technology has made it much easier for the lay person to capture good images of their favourite minerals. No longer do you have to wait until your photos are developed, only to find that you might have to start again.

So what makes a good photo? Obviously you have to have a good mineral specimen to start with. Aesthetics help.

The it comes down to the equipment you use, your lighting, and your expertise.

These pages are not intended to teach you, but are simply based on my own personal experience. If you can get some benefit, then all the better.

US mineral dealer John Betts has an excellent article on digital mineral photography.

This is absolutely a Work In Progress!!!

Let's look at equipment

What Camera?


Steady Shots



Depth of Field

Colour Balancing

Processing Images

Image Editing

Stacking Software

Macro, Micro and Anything Else

Microscope Photography

Close Up Photography