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Agardite-(Y), Kintore Open Cut, Broken Hill. Agardite-(Y), Dome Rock, South Australia

See also Agardite

Census Detail

New South Wales

Broken Hill, Block 14 Open Cut

  • BIRCH, W.D. 1990. Minerals from Kintore and Block 14 Opencuts, Broken Hill, New South Wales: a review of recent discoveries including tsumbeite, kipushite and otavite. Australian Mineralogist, 5(4): 125-141, 17 figs., 2 tables
  • BIRCH, W.D. (ed.). 1999. Minerals of Broken Hill. Broken Hill City Council and Museum Victoria,
  • BIRCH, W.D., and van der HEYDEN, A. 1997. Minerals of the Kintore and Block 14 open cuts at Broken Hill, New South Wales. Australian Journal of Mineralogy, 3(1): 23-71, 110 figs.
  • COFFA, F. 1992. (Agardite from Kintore Opencut, Broken Hill, N.S.W.) Australian Mineralogist, 6(1): back cover photo

New Cobar Mine, Cobar

  • Leverett, P., McKinnon, A. R., Sharpe, J. L. and Williams, P. A. (2005) Secondary minerals from the central Cobar mines. Australian Journal of Mineralogy, 11, 75-82.

South Australia

Dome Rock Copper Mine

  • A.G. Christy (2004) unpubl. analysis. “chlorotile/mixite” = calcian agardite-(Y)

Mount Malvern silver lead mine, near Clarendon

  • KOLITSCH, U., and ELLIOTT, P. 1999. Mineralogy of the Mount Malvern mine, near Clarendon, South Australia. Australian Journal of Mineralogy, 5(1): 3 - 17, 23 figs., 1 table

Western Australia

Telfer Mine

  • Downes, P. J., Hope, M., Bevan, A. W. R. and Henry, D. A. (2006): Chalcocite and associated secondary minerals from the Telfer gold mine, Western Australia. Austral. J. Mineral. 12, 25-42.
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