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Western Australia

Boddington gold deposit, near Mount Saddleback, approx. 100 km SE of Perth

  • CLARKE, R.M. 1997. Saddlebackite, Pb2Bi2Te2S3, a new mineral species from the Boddington gold deposit, Western Australia. Australian Journal of Mineralogy, 3: 119 - 124
  • MANDARINO, J.A. 1998. Abstracts of new mineral descriptions. Mineralogical Record, 29(5): 467 - 479

Hannan South deposit, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Kalgoorlie-Boulder Shire

  • Mueller, Andreas G.; Lawrance, Louisa M.; Muhling, Janet; Pooley, Gregory D. (2012): Mineralogy and PTX relationships of the Archean Hannan South Au-Cu (Co-Bi) deposit, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
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