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New South Wales

Broken Hill, wall rocks around Western A Lode

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Thackaringa, approx. 2 km N of repeater station, 40 km SE of Broken Hill

  • PLIMER, I.R. 1982. Corundum bearing schist from the Willyama Complex, Thackeringa, N.S.W. Australian Mineralogist, 1(39): 215 - 216, 2 figs., 1 table

New Zealand

Red Hills

  • RAILTON and WATTERS 1990 Minerals of New Zealand


  • RAILTON and WATTERS 1990 Minerals of New Zealand

Takitimu Range

  • RAILTON and WATTERS 1990 Minerals of New Zealand


  • RAILTON and WATTERS 1990 Minerals of New Zealand

Northern Territory

Harts Range, 6 km SE of Mt. Brady

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McBride Province

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Hampshire, Kara Scheelite mine

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