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New South Wales

Broken Hill, Kintore and/or Block 14 open cuts

  • BIRCH, W.D. 1990. Minerals from Kintore and Block 14 Opencuts, Broken Hill, New South Wales: a review of recent discoveries including tsumbeite, kipushite and otavite. Australian Mineralogist, 5(4): 125-141, 17 figs., 2 tables

Broken Hill, Kintore open cut

  • BIRCH, W.D. (ed.). 1999. Minerals of Broken Hill. Broken Hill City Council and Museum Victoria
  • BIRCH, W.D., and VAN DER HAYDEN, A. 1988. Minerals from the Kintore open cut, Broken Hill, New South Wales. Mineralogical Record, 19(6): 425-436, 17 figs., 7 tables
  • BIRCH, W.D., and van der HEYDEN, A. 1997. Minerals of the Kintore and Block 14 open cuts at Broken Hill, New South Wales. Australian Journal of Mineralogy, 3(1): 23-71, 110 figs

New Zealand

Takitimu Range

  • RAILTON and WATTERS 1990 Minerals of New Zealand


Mt. Oxide mine, 140 km NNW of Mount Isa

  • DAY, B.E., and BEYER, B.D. 1996. Some mines of the Mt. Isa District, Part 3 - The Mount Oxide mine. Australian Journal of Mineralogy, 2(1): 3-10, 27 figs., 2 tables


Pelion mine, 1 km S of confluence of Oakleigh Creek and Forth River

  • LANCASTER, K. 1982. Gleanings from the Pelion mine. Australian Gem and Treasurehunter, 70: 18 - 19, 7 figs

Zeehan, Montana Mine

  • BIRCH, W.D. 1976. Museum notes (new Tasmanian localities) . Australian Mineralogist, 1(5): 20

Western Australia

Ashburton Downs Station, Anticline deposit (MC 84)

  • NICKEL, E.H., and GARTRELL, B.J. 1993. Secondary minerals from Ashburton Downs, Western Australia. Mineralogical Record, 24(3): 203
  • NICKEL, E.H., ROBINSON, B.W., FITZ GERALD, O., and BIRCH, W.D. 1989. Gartrellite, a new secondary arsenate mineral from Ashburton Downs, W.A., and Broken Hill, N.S.W. Australian Mineralogist, 4(3): 83-89, 3 figs., 3 tables

Mooloo Downs Pastoral Station

  • HALL, P. 1988. New mineral species from Australia - the first 200 years. Australian Mineralogist, 3(4): 157-159
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