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Australian Journal of Mineralogy Volume 16 No. 2

Volume 16-2

Volume 16/2 Contents

  • John Henry Dunstan and his mineral collection
  • Wittichenite from the Cattle Grid Pit, Mount Gunsen, South Australia
  • Ferrolaueite, a new mineral from Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA
  • Ferrolaueite - new occurrences
  • Zeolites and associated minerals from Willy Wally Gully near Merriwa, New South Wales
  • An imperfectly crystalline manganes phyllo-silicate from the Woods Mine, New South Wales, Australia
  • Minerals in cavities in basalt from Rollinsons quarry, near Malmsbury, Victoria, Australia
  • John O'Dwyer's Broken Hill mineral collection
  • Obituary - Frank Radke Jnr
  • Obituary - William Aird
  • Society news
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