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Australian Mineralogist Vol 3/1

Volume 3-1

Vol 3/1 Contents

  • Confirmation of Naumannite from North Arm, Southeast Queensland
  • Cowlesite from Flinders and Jindivick, Victoria
  • Pyrolusite at Woodie Woodie Mining Centre, WA
  • A Calcite-Strontianite-Celestine-Magnesian Calcite Association in Septarian Siderite Concretions from Late Permian Sediments at Liddell, Hunter Valley, NSW
  • The Early Mines and Geological Surveys of South Australia for the period 1836-1886
  • New Mineral Species from Australia - the First 200 Years
  • From the Publishers
  • Letters to the Editors
  • What's New in Minerals
  • New Mineral Names
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