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Australian Mineralogist Vol 4/2

Volume 4-2

Vol 4/2 Contents

  • The 35th Annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show
  • Pyrobelonite, Arsenoklasite, Switzerite and Other Recent Finds at Iron Monarch, South Australia
  • Olivenite and Cornwallite from Wallace Gully, South Australia
  • The Identification of Stellerite in the Garawilla Volcanics, New South Wales
  • More Quartz from Harts Range
  • Greenockite from the Woodlawn PbZnCuAg Mine, New South Wales
  • A Note on Calcite and Chalcedony from the Shire Council Basalt Quarry, Kyogle, New South Wales
  • New Mineral Species from Australia - the First 200 Years
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