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Australian Mineralogist Vol 4/4

Volume 4-4

Vol 4/4 Contents

  • Kleemanite from the Kintore Opencut, Broken Hill, New South Wales
  • Fluorapophyllite from Potassic Endoskarns at Marulan South, New South Wales
  • Frohbergite, Unnamed - Au3(AgPb)As2Te3, and related Tellurides from the North Kalgurli Mine, Western Australia
  • Pimelite and other Secondary Minerals from Rocky's Reward, Western Australia
  • Uranium-rich Xenotime in Bitumen, Moonta Mines, South Australia
  • New Mineral Species from Australia - the First 200 Years
  • Letters to the Editor: Dookie Mineralogical Reserve; Newcastle Show
  • What's New in Minerals
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