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Australian Mineralogist Vol 5/2

Volume 5-2

Vol 5/2 Contents

  • Minerals of the Canaan Area, Pikikiruna Range, Nelson, New Zealand
  • Gerhardtite, a Copper Hydroxy-nitrate from the Great Australia Mine, Cloncurry, Queensland
  • A Rare Occurrence of Barium-bearing Zeolites in Garnet Metapyroxenite Xenoliths from the Brigooda Volcanic Centre, Southern Queensland, Australia
  • The Care and Maintenance of a Mineral Collection
  • An Occurrence of Crystallised Quartz showing a mix of Smoky, Amethyst and Milky Varieties from the Harts Range, Central Australia
  • Combined Indexes to Volumes 2, 3 and 4
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